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If they say that they're not, they're lying. He [Joe Wright] was so sweet and he kept saying, "I'm going to keep you safe darling, don't worry about it.": I'm not as clever as she is.

I think Elizabeth Bennet is one of those characters that is everything that you want to be and everything that you are at the same time. She's the kind of person who says all of those put-downs that you walk away from situations wishing that you had said.

Director Joe Wright has built his career on British television such miniseries as Bodily Harm and Charles II: The Power & The Passion.

So, when wooing Donald Sutherland to play the role of the patriarch of the Bennet household, Wright was well prepared to answer Mr.

And it’s a partnership that still makes the actress as giddy as the day it first began, she told on Tuesday at the Chanel Fine Jewelry dinner hosted at Bergdorf Goodman in her honor.“[Karl Lagerfeld] is an icon, and so I think the fact that I’ve worked with Chanel and with Karl for nine years now—I feel incredibly lucky, and I'm full of gratitude,” she said of her long-term relationship.