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Sailing to the Howling Eye, he and Alphinaud are forced to come to the aid of the Kobolds and Amalj'aa kidnapped by the Ixal who had Garuda to prevent them from summoning their own Primal in desperation while the Adventurers are left to face Garuda themselves.

Unable to free the creatures in time, Ifrit and Titan are summoned alongside Garuda and nearly begin a catastrophic battle only to be interrupted by Gaius and Ultima Weapon who then absorbs the primals and takes their power as its own.

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Cid was born to Grand Minister of Industry Midas "Mid" nan Garlond, Cid was regarded a prodigy in magitek engineering much like his father and was quickly catapulted into fame and popularity for his advancements in the field.

However when Mid became enthralled with Project Meteor, Cid began to grow distant from his father and was taken in by his father's friend Gaius van Baelsar who raised him to adulthood as if Cid was his own son.

Regrouping with Yda and Y'shtola in the Waking Sands, the group begins to hatch a rescue for their captured allies being held in Castra Centri.

Setting up linkshell interference, the group manages to capture and secure a Magitek Armor as well as Imperial military uniforms to aid them in their infiltration of the Garlean stronghold only to learn that the power source of the machine had been damaged in the process.

In a chance of fate, Cid crossed paths again with his surrogate father Gaius.