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The order holds ten families, between 79 and 81 genera (depending on the classification one prefers) and around 230 species, including pigs, peccaries, hippopotamuses, camels, giraffes, sheep, cows and, of course, deer.The Artiodactyla can be further divided into four suborders; the one we’re interested in is the Ruminatia.

Thus, we find ourselves in a situation where different techniques for measuring and weighting taxonomic characters led to the different arrangement of species.

Much has happened to the arrangement of the mammals in the last half-century and there are many groups -- of which deer are one -- for which the relationships are still not fully resolved.

The Perissodactyla -- from the Greek s, meaning “finger” or “toe” -- comprises those mammals with what anatomists call a “mesaxonic” limb structure; in other words, they walk on the equivalent of the tip of either a single digit or the tips of three digits, depending on the species (by “digit”, I mean finger/toe).

This order contains three families, six genera and about 15 species, including horses, zebras, rhinoceroses and tapirs.

All of the critters that we know as mammals are grouped together within the class Mammalia; within this class sits an infraclass ( being Latin for “below”) called the Eutheria (or "true beasts"), which contains all the placental mammals (that is, all mammals except monotremes like the platypus and marsupials like the kangaroos).