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It's a different kind of character for Cochran, with a greater degree of emotional vulnerability than we're used to seeing in the tough guy actor.

His lingering resentment of Mayo for leaving him six years earlier leads to some pretty obnoxious behavior on his part and I can't say I felt much sympathy for him. In any event, Cochran just doesn't seem suited for the role of a celebrated director of Broadway musicals.

Contrast this with Vincente Minnelli's THE BANDWAGON, also 1953, in which the conception of the musical-within-the-movie is made very clear to us as are the reasons for its flopping, followed by a completely revamped show and a full explanation of why all the numbers are so different from each other. This film has its pleasures, but it's no BANDWAGON.

I must confess, though, that I did like the montage of singing and dancing auditions.

See full summary » A divorced socialite decides to join the Army because she hopes it will enable her to see more of her boyfriend, a Colonel.


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