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Once you've got these skills down pat, you'll know how to have the mind-blowing sex you've always wanted, says Bos."We know these fireworks are possible and tantric sex allows you to get the fireworks in the bedroom and more.

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She has beautiful feet and wears a lot of high heels.

She runs the side of her foot up and down my calf, first on the outside of my leg, then the inside," says Bill from Well, sort of.

It does the thinking, all you have to do is the fun stuff..

"Checking out other men puts sex on the brain and gets you thinking about the next time you'll get hot and heavy with your guy." Of course, pure fantasy about the sexy barista with the cute smile is totally fine, but anything beyond that is off-limits.

(And, uh, no one said there's You make a grocery list every week, so why not do the same for your sex life?