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The scrappy girl camelódromo works in the center of Rio de Janeiro alone and creates little Victor (Adriano Alves), son of Tuane (Nanda Costa) and his brother Elivaldo (Rafael Losso).Tuane abandoned infant son with her ex-boyfriend and Cristina to go after a rich husband.

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An accident causes the death of two people and blamed for what happened, Elivaldo ends up being arrested.

Meanwhile, Eliane gets sick and dies and debts in camelódromo only accumulate, to the despair of Cristina, who is pressured by Cora demanding their share in the inheritance of the biological father.

In his mystical vision, José Alfredo believes everything falls apart if he does not find your favorite gemstone and get rid of a shiny faux stayed in place.

Compounding the ordeal of him, his sister's ex-lover, Cora (Drica Moraes), will reappear stating that Cristina (Leandra Leal) is his bastard daughter Eliane (Malu Galli).

Cristina is the girlfriend of simpleton lawyer Fernando (Erom Cordeiro), but their relationship is cold and loveless.


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