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Meanwhile, the paternal family make Sadhana sign a document that dictates their right over Sadhana's money.

Luckily, Prakash Chandra arrives and stops them from taking Sadhana whilst ripping the paper. A new chapter then unfolds, Saket, a boy who studied in Sadhana and Ragini's college, falls in love with Sadhana whilst Ragini falls in love with him.

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I am happy that Rajan sir gave me the chance and he believed in me.

I am grateful to him and I don’t have enough words to thank him.

Vasundhara is again not happy because Ragini has a dark skin tone.

Sadhna starts growing close to Alekh,despite him being unstable. But Sadhana dies in a bomb blast and Alekh and the family are devastated.

Sadhana's father vows to travel to America to accumulate more money and endows the young Sadhana to her maternal uncle Prakah Chandra.


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