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This is a great example of how the internet has allowed people to stay close to each other despite long distances.The informant’s ability to stay close with her family is completely dependent on the internet which links them up via a game.

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Bright blue cartooniness aside, he’s more or less a prescient version of our President-elect.

Sure, there are also some parallels here to Italy’s Five Star Movement, a growing, far-right political party started by a comedian who got crowds of malcontent Italians to shout “Fuck off! And yes, the circumstances under which Waldo enters the race stem from an Anthony Weiner-esque sexting scandal that forces an incumbent politician to step out of office.

After the app was eviscerated by the press, it launched this March as a watered-down, opt-in version of the original concept.

Perhaps fittingly, it now boasts a one-star rating in the i Tunes app store.

So to make up for that we play video games with each other online.