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The upper level of the building was used as a Town Hall. It stands on the site of the Chapel of the Red Cross which was built by the Spanish in 1525.

This building formed the first unit of the civic square designed in the then popular Georgian style.

In 1838, the proclamation of the abolition of slavery was read from the steps of King's House.

The Memorial, designed by the famous English sculptor John Bacon in 1801, commemorates Rodney's victory over a French fleet that had attempted to invade the island in 1782. A tavern dating from the time of the Spanish occupation, which is said to have also been where the mules and horses belonging to the Governor were tethered was demolished to make way for the statue.

Old Court House This Georgian building on the south side was the last unit built to complete the Square.

In 1838 for example, the Assembly Chamber was used to host a ball in honour of Sir Henry Bartley on his arrival in Jamaica as Governor.