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Date Protect Her was established to ensure that no woman be subjected to someone that isnt who or what they say they are.

By offering full dating background checks, we make sure that you know exactly whom youre speaking to and possibly going out with.

Date Protect Her was founded to take the danger out of online dating for women by offering a complete online dating background check to help make sure that you know everything you need to know about a potential date you met online.

The checkdate() is used to validate a Gregorian date.

Note : The Gregorian calendar is the internationally accepted civil calendar.

Date Protect Her is dedicated to helping women protect themselves while dating online with one of the most extensive databases in the industry and over 2 billion records covering all 50 states.

Dating is hard enough as it is but throw in the online factor and you don't really know for sure who you are really dealing with.

Whether you met them on a subscription site like Match or on a free app like Tinder, our databases can provide results from any dating site background check leaving you with no doubt that the person youre meeting is who they say they are.