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“The way back doesn’t have to be super manicured,” says Aronov.

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From army recruits to Brad Pitt, the buzz cut has been a go-to style for men since the invention of clippers. Barber, to bring you this foolproof guide to prepping, cutting, and maintaining your buzz...minus a trip to the barbershop.

And whether you’re trimming down for summer or just switching up your look, you can’t go wrong with this minimal-effort cut, which is both dignified badass—no styling required. We chatted with Ruben Aronov, the Manhattan-based master barber at F. Before You Buzz While some cuts work better on certain face shapes, just about any guy—and his mug—can pull off a buzz.

(A buzz is the least expensive cut on the menu, running just $20 at F. Get the goods To minimize the mess, have on hand a plastic bag (to place underneath you), lint roller, and vacuum.

You’ll also need a hand-held mirror to help with your blind spots.

Scars Any cut shorter than using a #3 clipper guard will show skin.