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The problem for investors despite the good news is that these older sites have gotten less attention in Match Group’s overall valuation, because they aren’t generating the users or attention that Tinder does on an ongoing basis, despite their longevity in the online dating market.

Match shares were up 3.6% Wednesday October 11, and the stock has jumped more than 50% since the start of the year.

Intimate Encounters on POF can be summed up as a bunch of horny men talking to a bunch of horny men pretending to be women." There had been speculation since last fall that this decision was coming after users suddenly noticed that they could no longer search for Intimate Encounters.

What frequent IE users might not have realized was that if they searched for four or more Intimate Encounters, they triggered filters that blocked them from messaging members who did not want to hear from IE singles trolling for hook-ups on the site.

Plus, many members take it upon themselves to organize events and meet & greets for everyone to attend, and the place to find such events are in the forums.


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    Seit dem 1.7.2017 ist das neue Prostituiertenschutzgesetz in Kraft.

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    They can however be used to improve the “look” of your penis a few hours before sexual activity.

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    But you’re not.” – Tony Robbins First, many Asians are health conscious, they eat and live healthy lives (less alcohol, eat more organic veggie and fruits, less meat) as they follow the indications of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

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    Kata ku pada Fida “Tak sangka pantat you ni lubang tanduk..makin dalam makin ketat”. Kalau ikut hati mahu aku tojah sampai koyak pantat dia…Tapi barang aku nak pakai lagi beb. Rambutnya melayang kesana-kemari mengikut hentakan batang ku.